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  • When does the presale start?
    Presales for the parties start 3 months prior to the event via
  • I am not yet 18, can I go to an ILBM event?
    All ILBM events are for ages 18 and up. Not yet 18? Then you will have to be patient for a while!
  • Can I also buy tickets at the door?
    As long as the online presale of an ILBM event is not sold out, you can still buy tickets at the door. These are often more expensive, and you have to be on time because gone = gone! Information about door sales will always be shared on our social media prior to the event.
  • Oh no! I have lost my ticket, what now?
    We use a ticket system called Eventix for our ticket sales. If you can't find your ticket, look here for more information about what you can do.
  • I have another question....
    Send an email to and we will help you as soon as possible.
  • I am participating in the Black Friday promotion. What is my email address used for?
    Your e-mail address will only be used to send you a discount code - and if necessary a reminder - for the Black Friday promotion. Your email address will be deleted after the February 3 event. If you want us to delete your e-mail address sooner, you can do so by indicating this in the email we send or via


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